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We are a small, personal firm assisting with your Legal Expert Needs. Providing expert opinion for hundreds of Cases Since 2009. Trial Attendance.


Some Experts Have Over 30 Years

Of Experience. 


We Support Our Independent Experts From Case Start To Finish Ensuring Excellent Report Writing.


All Experts Are Currently Active 

In Their Areas Of Expertise.


From Intensive Care To Obstetrics, Wound Care,

Neurosurgery to Long Term Care, Respiratory Therapy & More.


Registered Nurses,

Respiratory Therapists,

Nurse Practitioners,

Paramedics, Midwives, Dietitian

and More. 



Sullivan Nurse Consulting provides pre-screened, currently practicing, highly credible and qualified independent experts to assist both defence and plaintiff law firms, insurance companies, independent medical examiners, healthcare reciprocals, and more. Each consultant applies their unbiased, independent, expert opinion on the standards of care in health law and medical malpractice cases.  

Our consultancy is built on the 25+ years of general and specialized clinical Nursing Experience of Ann Sullivan RN who is presently practicing in a major Toronto teaching hospital in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU).  Ann has leveraged her advanced nursing and analytic abilities into a key legal nurse expert role. She also leads the vetting process to find the best expert fit for legal firms and their health law requirements.

'Not only is it important for law firms to retain a highly credible expert, from my experience it is equally important that the expert is practicing in their area of specialty as they are able to speak to both past and present standards and the reality of the changing practice setting' .


Ann Sullivan, RN

Lead Consultant

Ann Sullivan's Professional Memberships


Lead Nursing Consultant


Contact Ann directly to discuss your expert requirements


 Adult Intensive Care (ICU)/Critical Care
Cardiovascular Intensive Care (CVICU) 
Post Operative Care
General Medical/Surgical
General Nursing
Medical/Surgical Ward Nursing

Ann's advanced nursing and analytic abilities have allowed her to transfer seamlessly into a key legal nurse consultant and expert role. Ann has 25+ years of nursing experience in both community hospital and Health Sciences Centre settings. Additionally, she has worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator for the George Brown College Critical Care Nursing Program while dedicated to working over 17 years in the Intensive Care Unit (Cardiovascular Specialty) at a major Toronto Health Sciences Centre. Most recently, Ann has been accepted within the Alberta Court system as a qualified Intensive Care Unit and General Ward Nurse Expert Witness.

Labour & Delivery Nurse 

Karen has 17 years in Labour and Delivery (L&D) at a major teaching centre in Toronto. She is frequently in charge of her unit and has participated in the MORE program (Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiency), which is well known to most hospital OBS units and focuses on improvement and risk management. She was also a member of the IHI team (Institute for Health Improvement), which contributes to improve perinatal care in the L&D unit. Her contribution was to complete chart audits to identify gaps in care and improve the quality of the services delivered to patients. Additionally, Karen is an instructor of the fetal health surveillance in labour course and teaches classes consisting of physicians, nurses and midwifes employed at her hospital. 

Wound Care Nurse Expert

Allison is a Certified Enterostomal Therapy Nurse, with 30+ years of nursing experience in both community and acute care settings. For the past 11 years Allison has been an integral part of the Inter professional Wound Care Team at a Major Toronto Health Sciences Centre, providing consultative assessment, clinical care, follow up and education focused on wound care practice. Additionally, she has completed the International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course(Masters level) at the University of Toronto. Allison has authored or co-authored many wound care poster presentations and has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars.


Emergency Room Nurse Expert

Susan has over 24 years of front line emergency nursing experience and has practiced the last 20 years at a Toronto-based Health Sciences Centre in Emergency and Trauma Care. Her roles include, but are not limited to, working in collaboration with the entire Healthcare team, the patient and their families. Susan is responsible for Primary Care of Emergency and Trauma patients with her functions being intervention, education and patient advocacy and recently received a Service of Excellence Award from the Office of The Patient Experience. 


Post Anaesthetic Care Unit Nurse Expert 
(Recovery Room)

Emergency Room Expert

Deborah is a nursing leader with 25+ years of nursing experience.  The last 8 years she has been practicing in the Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (Recovery Room) in addition to working in the Emergency Department.  Previous experience includes travel nursing as well as various roles at a major health sciences centre in Toronto as staff nurse, member of the nursing practice council, Research Coordinator and Clinical Care Leader. 


Operating Room Nurse Expert

Kerrie has been nursing in the Operating Room for the last 16 years and is highly trained in all areas of the hospital OR, especially General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Plastics, Gynecology Oncology, Gynecology, Thoracics, ENT, Labour and Delivery, and Trillium Gift of Life Organ Harvesting as RNFA (designated RN First Assist) and RN in Circulating and Scrub roles. Kerrie is presently practicing at a Toronto Hospital and also Manages the OR at a personal surgery centre.  Her past experience includes private clinics in Plastic Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery & Dermatology.  Kerrie recently received certification in Medical Device Reprocessing through MDRAO.


Operating Room Nurse Expert

Kulwinder has 28 years of experience as an Operating Room nurse.  Experience includes, but is not limited to: 
Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Spinal, Urology, Gynecology, Plastics General Surgery – laparoscopic, open general surgeries and Minor surgeries as well as Opthalmology surgical procedures. Kulwinder has excellent communication skills, both oral and written and is fluent in 3 languages (English, Punjabi and Hindi). Kulwinder is a leader in her area of practice with consistently high rating hospital performance reviews.


Perinatal Nurse Expert (Obstetrics)


*Proficiently bilingual English/French      

With over 13 years of practice in obstetrical nursing, Luiza is currently a Team Leader in Labour and Delivery at a major Toronto Health Sciences Centre. She is a participant in the internationally recognized Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training (PROMPT) Program, as well as the Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (MOREob) Program. Luiza is a Perinatal Clinical Instructor for the University of Toronto, where she has also served as a guest lecturer in fetal health surveillance. As a frontline nurse, she also had the unique opportunity of consulting on her unit’s customization of Cerner Powerchart Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE).


Homecare Nurse Expert

Victoria is presently practicing at a major Home Health Care Facility and has extensive experience delivering hands on nursing care in the home for over the last 9+ years.  Her experience ranges from caring for patients in all patient populations (pediatrics to geriatrics) who are at home with various disease processes and treatment requirements.  Victoria has recently been promoted to Manager of Clinical Care overseeing the care provided by her home care nurse colleagues.

BScN, RN, CONC (c)

Oncology Nurse Expert
Chemotherapy Nurse Expert

Dayna has been a leader in Oncology for the last 18 years at a major Health Sciences Centre in Ontario.  As a dedicated health care professional Dayna’s expertise encompasses a diverse skill set in the areas of chemotherapy administration and radiation treatment.  She is a member of the Patient and Family Centre Care Team, empowering individuals and their families through dedicated analysis of cancer care and is accountable to her profession as demonstrated through evidence based learning and furthering educational opportunities.


Cardiac Catheterization
Lab Nurse Expert
(Cath Lab) 

Lisa has been nursing for over 25 years, presently practicing over 11 years in the Cardiac Cath Lab at a major centre.  Prior to specializing in the Cath Lab, Lisa assisted in the start-up of a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at a major Health Sciences Centre where she was involved in the development of policies and procedures for her unit. 


Community Hospital

Medical/Surgical Ward Nurse

Pre-Operative & Surgical Step-Down

& Day Surgery Expert

Corrine is presently practicing with 31 years dedicated to medical/surgical ward nursing, including but not limited to thoracic, gynecology, plastics, orthopedics, vascular and general surgery.  Her additional experience is in Pre-Op Clinic, Day Surgery and most post-op surgical areas including the Surgical Step-Down Unit.  Corrine has experience in leadership roles such as precepting and managing nursing units as a Patient Care Facilitator. 


Obstetrical Nurse Expert

Sonography Nurse Expert

High Risk Obstetrical Expert


Katie is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of extensive experience in obstetrical nursing care.  Katie works primarily in Maternal-Fetal medicine specializing in fetal anomalies, complications in pregnancy and assisting with fetal procedures/surgeries.  She has run a clinic focused on placenta-based complications in pregnancy for over 8 years which includes specialized care including consultations and ongoing primary and shared antenatal care and is a nurse-sonographer in training working towards her ARDMS certification.  Katie is also very experienced in postpartum care both in the pre-term and full term setting.  She was previously a clinical teacher at the University of Toronto focusing on post-partum.  Recently she has taken a leadership position which requires her to manage staff in multiple departments including scheduling, new staff orientation, training for existing staff, manage patient and staff flow to optimize efficiency and the development and implementation of program initiatives.  During COVID she has assisted with the development, implementation and management of policies and practices to ensure a safe environment for patients and staff within her program.  She has a post-gradate diploma in Obstetrical Nursing and she is Perinatal Certified with the Canadian Nurses' Association (PNC(C)).  She has been accepted to present posters at multiple national and international conferences, is published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada and is currently involved with multiple ongoing research projects.


Geriatric Nurse Expert

Long Term Care Nurse Expert

Retirement Home Nurse Expert

Seniors Care Nurse Expert

Ms. Ritson received a National Nursing Award for her practice and is a nursing leader with over 40 years nursing experience in both Canada and England.  The last 18 years Ms. Ritson has been involved in a leadership role managing seniors care in Retirement and Supportive Living Settings in British Columbia.  Prior experience includes many areas; more specifically to her senior care specialty, Ms. Ritson has 12 years in management as Director of Care and Care Coordinator for two long-term care facilities with 75 and 85 residents respectively.  Additionally, she has worked in various clinical nursing areas in hospitals and care facilities (Canada and England). Ms. Ritson was responsible for preparing and presenting workshops and lectures to groups consisting of doctors, facility managers, pharmacists, government officials and the public and has served as Board Member for a ‘not for profit seniors’ retirement community.


Adult Intensive Care

Critical Care Expert

Cardiovascular Intensive Care

Rapid Response Team

Sharon has been practicing the last 18+ years at a major Toronto Health Sciences Centre where she is highly specialized in Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care.  Sharon's prior experience was as staff nurse in a Solid Tumour Unit and she has acted as a Clinical Instructor for the University of Ontario, Institute of Technology Nursing Program.  Sharon is also part of a highly specialized Rapid Response Team.


Pediatric Nurse Expert

Critical Care Transport for

Pediatric & Neonatal Expert

Laura is a Certified Pediatric Critical Care Nurse, with 15 years experience working in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a major tertiary hospital.  For the past 12 years, Laura has been working as a Transport Nurse for both neonatal and pediatric patients, serving the province of Ontario.  Additionally, she is a certified A-EMCA with the Ministry of Health.

(nee Geelen)

Emergency Room Nurse Expert

Community Hospital


Jennifer has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years. For the past 9 years, Jennifer has been Clinical Coordinator for Critical Care & Medicine at a Community Hospital in Ontario.  In addition to holding several advanced Emergency competencies Jennifer is a Certified Emergency Nurse with 11 years experience.  Jennifer has also acted as Clinical Nurse Educator for an Ontario Nursing School.


          Obstetrics/Labour & Delivery                                           Nurse Expert 

Tanya is an Obstetrical Nursing leader with over 18 years experience presently practicing at a large Centre in Toronto in the Labour and Delivery Unit. Tanya is highly proficient in her area of specialty with the ability to multitask in a fast paced environment.  She has exceptional time management, problem solving, decision making and judgement skills and works both independently and as a member of the interdisciplinary team. Tanya's experience includes providing direct care to low to high risk obstetrical patients and acts as Team Leader/Charge Nurse where duties include but are not limited to, organizing and managing flow and coordinating of nursing assignments. Additionally, Tanya is a member of the Obstetrical Unit Council and MOREOB team and is passionate about mentoring students and new nursing staff.



   Advanced Care Paramedic Expert

Gregory is an Advanced Care Paramedic with a Large Urban Paramedic Service for over 25 years providing patient care in Emergency settings following Ontario Basic and Advanced Life Support Standards.  Gregory works alone on the Response Unit as a highly resourceful, innovative and committed paramedic, with the ability to manage the most demanding situations. He possesses excellent interpersonal communication skills in situations involving both patients and team members and is preceptor and mentor to Advanced Care Paramedic Candidates and provides Field Experience to College Students working towards their Primary Care Paramedic Diploma.


Obstetrics / Labour & Delivery

Post Anaesthetic Care

Tracy has 21 years nursing experience. Her Obstetrical experience is gained from both a major Toronto Hospital and Community Hospital Setting. Additionally, Tracy has been a Professor and Clinical Nursing Instructor.


Public Health Nurse 

(Mothers, Newborns & Children)

Reproductive Health

Labour & Delivery

Postpartum Care

Prenatal Instructor

Laura has been a Public Health Nurse for 15 years.  She is passionate about Public Health and has held many different roles over her career including Preceptor, Community Liaison and she has sat on various committees and working groups.  Laura provides nursing care in rural communities with a focus in Family Health: Reproductive Health, Healthy Babies and Children Home Visiting.  Her roles include but are not limited to: Consultant, Educator, Case Manager, Community Developer, Facilitator, Advocate, Counselor, Communicator, Collaborator, Researcher and Evaluator, Social Marketer and Advocate with participation in policy formation.   Additionally, she is an integral member of the public health team and provides public health nursing services based on Public Health Principles, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.


Geriatric Nursing Expert

Community Nursing

Medical/Surgical Nursing

Complex Continuing Care

Long Term Care

Certified Nurse Continence Advisor

Jennifer has over 10 years of nursing experience as an RN in general medicine, complex continuing care, long term care and as clinical instructor. She currently works in an advanced practice role as a Geriatric Outreach Nurse in one of Canada's largest community hospitals.  Additionally, Jennifer a certified nurse continence advisor, a unique certification in Canada that focuses on urinary and gastrointestinal issues in the elderly population.


Acute Care Spinal Cord Injury

Neurosurgery Nurse Expert

Orthopedic Nurse Expert

(Head & Spinal Cord Injury)

Halo Traction Expert

Sophie has over 25 years experience and is presently practicing at a major Toronto Health Sciences Centre.  Sophie is a well-respected leader and teacher in her area of expertise in neurosurgery as well as orthopedics and has acted as her Hospital's Halo Fixation Nurse Expert.  Most recently, Sophie has been accepted within the Alberta court system as a qualified neurosurgical nurse expert witness.


Medical Imaging RN Expert

Interventional Radiology Expert

Emergency Department Expert

An RN for 30 years at a major Toronto Health Sciences Centre, the last 11 years Ann's nursing practice has been in the Medical Imaging department preparing and recovering patients for procedures such as CT, MRI, Ultrasound, General X-rays and Interventional Radiology (IR). Ann will also assist the team in the IR room in the event of an emergency situation.  She has been involved in curriculum development and teaching of the Emergency Certificate Program, Coronary Care Program, and testing in the Patient Assessment Course in the Continuing Education Department at Humber College.  

NURSE PRACTITIONER (Primary Health Care)

Nurse Practitioner Expert

General Nursing Practice

Rural & Community Healthcare

Acute Care Geriatrics

Long Term Care

Kathryn’s experience encompasses 30+ years in emergency, geriatric, pediatric, community and rural environments with focus on providing health care to those with limited access to services. She holds specialty certification in Primary Health Care and Gerontology and currently maintains full time clinical practice delivering emergency outreach service to the Long Term Care sector.


Organ Transplant Nurse Expert

(Heart & Lung Transplant)

Adult Intensive

Care/Critical Care (ICU)

Adult Cardiovascular Care (CVICU)

Post Operative Care

General Medical/Surgical Care


An RN for over 15 years at a major Toronto Health Sciences Centre, Kelly has extensive experience in her highly specialized area of practice. Kelly is presently practicing and often in charge of her unit and is a well respected teacher and mentor to new nurses. 


Home Care Management Expert

Formerly CCAC

*Bilingual English/Portuguese

(verbal and report writing)

Susana has been an RN for 20 years, presently leading two teams of Registered Nurses in promoting and delivering transitional nursing support to frail older adults and complex children who are at risk for readmission to hospital.  She assists in the development of clinical and operational workflows and processes, guidelines, policies and protocols to integrate innovative technologies to support patients/ clients in their community. 


Operating Room Nurse Expert

Margaret is a Registered Nurse with over 38 years experience in the Operating Room with a focus on cardiac surgery. Margaret's perioperative roles have encompassed leadership, education and clinic practice as she has been Clinical Coordinator for 20 years and for 4 years acted as the OR Skin & Wound Resource Nurse. 

Post Partum Care Expert

Jennifer is an RN with 18 plus years experience at a major Health Sciences Centre providing care for Mothers and their babies in the postpartum stage.  Jennifer is also a lactation consultant, a clinical instructor for the nursing program at UOIT and CPR instructor.  

Adult Nurse Practitioner Expert

Cardiology Nurse Expert

Rural/Outpost/Nursing Station Expert

Emergency Department Expert

Maria has been a nurse for 17+ years and for the past 8 has been practicing as a Nurse Practitioner at major centres across Toronto.  Additionally, Maria has been traveling for the last 13 years to remote areas in Canada for short stints as an RN within the community and outpost emergency departments.  She also does weekend locums as a staff RN in Toronto Emergency Departments.  Maria has been adjunct professor for the University of Toronto completing several nursing publications.  In 2014, Maria received the Excellence in Ambulatory Practice Award and the Jessie Young Scholarship Award.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Expert

Stephanie has been an RN for 11 years and is presently practicing as Nurse Practitioner in the NICU at a major Health Sciences Centre for sick children.  Stephanie was invited by the Canadian Association of Neonatal Nurses to provide an online audio seminar presentation to Neonatal Nurses across Canada. She also received the Nightingale Award that is presented each year by The Toronto Star for nurses nominated for recognition by their patients or peers. 

DCh, BSc Pod Med
MCISc Wound Healing

Registered Chiropodist

Foot and Wound Specialist

Ann-Marie is a registered chiropodist who graduated from the Michener Institute Chiropody Program with over 30 years of experience; working in hospitals, rehabilitation, complex continuing care, long-term care, home care, and private practice based settings managing foot and ankle related complications.

For the past 13 years, Ann-Marie has been a member of an Interprofessional Wound Care Team at a large tertiary academic hospital specializing in the high-risk foot, limb salvage and advanced wound care. She works on interdisciplinary committees, professional associations, conferences, and is an active member of the College of Chiropodist of Ontario. As well, she provides expert opinion to Health Quality Ontario and Ministry of Health on foot and wound related projects.


Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse Expert

Sandra has been a dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Registered Nurse for almost 30 years at a major sick children’s hospital, caring for the most fragile critically and chronically ill neonates.  Sandra acts a staff NICU nurse Resus Nurse and Team Leader and is very involved in her position as preceptor to new staff, PICC Line nurse in addition to working with other senior NICU nurses to develop a reference manual for both new and experience nurses.  Sandra has won several awards for education and leadership and was nominated by peers for the Toronto Star Nightingale Award.


Patient Administrative
Associate Expert

For the last 19 years Jim has been employed as a Patient Administrative Associate with the Orthopedic Fracture Clinic Team at a major centre in Toronto.  His role includes, but is not limited to, managing and acting as front-line clerk, first contact with multiple patients per week and ongoing communication with surgeons.  He is responsible for registering, prioritizing and managing patients as per standard of care policies and procedures.  On an ongoing basis, Jim liaises with the Operating Rooms, Doctor’s offices and patients.


Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Expert

Sarah has been a psychiatric nurse for 30 years and is presently practicing
the last 18 at a major Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.  Sarah has her
certification for psychiatric and mental health through the Canadian Nurses
Association and has years experience working with psychiatric patients
through the emergency crisis team, inpatient psychiatric unit and in the


Pediatric Respiratory Therapy Expert

Ainsley is a leader in Respiratory Therapy with 14 years experience at a
major sick kids hospital in Ontario.  Her experience includes, but is not
limited to providing respiratory therapy to pediatric patients in a ward
setting, in the emergency department as well as caring for the most fragile
and critically ill in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  Ainsley is very
involved in teaching within the hospital, such as educating parents
regarding how to care for their children in the community who are on home
ventilation therapy.  Additionally, she is a Pediatric Advanced Life Support
(PALS) instructor and preceptor to new staff and students.



Oncology Nurse Expert

Fatima holds a specialty certification in oncology and is a leader in her practice dedicating the last 8 years to caring for oncology patients.  Since 2015, Fatima has acted as Clinical Nurse Practice Leader (Educator) at a Regional Cancer Centre and has received the Betty Watt Prize for Courageous Leadership in Nursing as well as the Frank Gerstein Advanced Education Award for Palliative Care.


Pediatric Respiratory Therapist Expert

Cristina has been a pediatric Respiratory Therapist for the last 12 years at a major Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto. Cristina has experience as Clinical Educator and acts as Charge RRT in the Pediatric Intensive Care Units.  She is a member of the Respiratory Therapy Council and member of the Leadership and Professional Practice Guidelines (PPG) Committee.


Adult Respiratory Therapist Expert

As a registered respiratory therapist for over 13 years, Dion has worked extensively in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit and Medical Surgical Unit at Toronto General Hospital.  He is also a clinical preceptor for students that are in the respiratory program.  Dion works with a variety of patients including critically ill multi-system failure to post operative recovery.  His clinical skills include but are not limited to advanced respiratory support using conventional ventilation modes to high frequency oscillation and high frequency jet ventilation.  He also has technical knowledge in clinical simulation programs.


   RN, BScN, MN, WOCC(C)



              Orthopedic Nurse Expert

              Wound Care Nurse Expert

             Wound Care Nurse Expert

Julie has been an RN for 19 years with the last 11 years acting as a certified Wound, Ostomy and Continence Clinical Nurse Specialist at a major Toronto Hospital.  Julie has extensive experience working collaboratively with patients, families and the interprofessional team in an acute care setting to continually strive for excellence in family and person-centred care.  As an advocate and leader in her practice, Julie facilitates sustainable evidence-informed care through implementation and evaluation of best practice guidelines, as well as dissemination of knowledge via her publications and conference presentations.

Kim-Marie has been an RN for 25 years.  For the last 18 years, she has been working as staff nurse on the Orthopedics Ward at a major Toronto Centre.  Her orthopedic practice includes, but is not limited to, surgical and orthopedic oncology with the administration of chemotherapy and biotherapy agents.   Kim-Marie collaborates with the interdisciplinary team, providing unit-level leadership as charge nurse and support to consolidating students and new nurses.  For the last 9 years Kim-Marie has acted as co-chair for the unit practice council where she helps facilitate the platform from which frontline staff and administration have the space to raise patient care issues and develop quality improvement initiatives.  In addition to her orthopedic specialty, Kim-Marie holds a Wound Care Certification specializing in wound, ostomy and continence.     


                    RN, BAS

          Cosmetic Surgery Nurse Expert

               Post Anesthetic Care Unit

Nancy is a dynamic Registered Nurse and leader with over 40 years nursing experience.  Presently practicing the last 15 years in Cosmetic Surgery recovering clients in the Post Anesthetic Care Unit.  Additionally, Nancy practices in the Operating Room in adult cosmetic surgical areas, including day surgery, endoscopy, performing IV and phlebotomy and providing pre and post-operative teaching.



         Hemodialysis Nurse Expert

Deanna has been an RN for 28 years.  The last 18 years she has dedicated her practice to a Hemodialysis Unit at a mid sized hospital in Ontario caring for both inpatients and outpatients.  Deanna has acted as team lead and is involved with the Multi Care Kidney Clinic providing assessment and education to patients with end stage kidney failure.  Deanna is also a preceptor to new nurses and collaborates with team members to best support best practices for her patients.   Prior nursing experience includes 10 years at a medical/urology unit. 


            MICHEALE DAVIES 

                    RN CNN(c)

        Neuroscience Nurse Expert

Micheale has been a Registered Nurse for 28 years with a strong clinical background in both In-Patient and Out-Patient Neuroscience nursing in a large Centre in Alberta.  Since 1991, she has cared for patients with various neurological disorders and is a valuable team member providing educational, compassionate, inclusive care to both patient and family.  Presently, Micheale is Nurse Coordinator for the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at her hospital.


             RN, BSc, BScN, MN

        Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse                                             Expert

Lisa-Marie has been a Registered Nurse for 12 years specialized in Psychiatric Care/Mental Health at a mid-sized community hospital in Ontario.  She is presently practicing the last 11 years as staff nurse on a Mental Health Inpatient Unit and has been member of the hospital’s Crisis Team.   Since 2017, Lisa-Marie has been involved in teaching Mental Health to nurses, most recently as a Community and Health Studies Professor and Course Lead for both Mental Health and Ethics program within the Nursing Program.



                  RN, BScN

      Pediatric Emergency/ Intensive Care                               Unit Nurse Expert

Christina is a dynamic Registered Nurse bringing over 25 years experience in treating pediatric patients and coordinating care with other healthcare staff. She has a proven history of leveraging critical thinking, analysis and medical knowledge to deliver superior care in the high-pressure environments of the emergency department and intensive care unit at a major children's hospital in Toronto, Ontario. 

             AMY THOMPSON

          PHC-NP, BScN, MN

      Community Nurse Practitioner 


Amy is a Registered Nurse of 22 years and a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner (NP) practicing over the last 13 years within a Rural Family Health Team providing care from newborn to end-of-life support. Amy also manages the health care needs of a long-term care facility and leads a walk-in clinic that addresses acute care needs within the community.   Additionally, she has been mentoring NP students for 9 years and in 2017 completed her Masters in Nursing with a teaching focus.

             ANNE DOHERTY

                   RN, BScN

                   Home Care Nurse


Anne is a Registered Nurse dedicating the last 10 years providing hands on care for patients who are at home with various disease processes and treatment requirements. Anne has advanced palliative care education through the Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education Program and has been clinical instructor for nursing students.  Additionally, Anne has been recognized by her employer for nursing excellence. 

             ALISON BOWEN

                  RM, BScN


           RN, BScN, CNCC(C)


                   RN, BScN

                 Registered Midwife Expert

                 Intensive Care Unit Nurse Expert

                Tertiary Centre Ward Nurse Expert

Alison is a dedicated Midwife leader of 38 years presently practicing in Ontario with full hospital privileges.  Her initial experience and education was gained in the United Kingdom.  Alison is presently a practice partner at her Midwifery office and is well versed in practice management, public relations, outreach programs and hospital liaison working closely with all care providers. Additionally, Alison provides midwifery services to both Mennonite and Amish families and actively participates on hospital committees from public health to hospital administration.

Kristin is a dynamic Registered Nurse and leader with 17 years of experience.  Presently practicing the last 13 years in the Intensive Care Unit at a large centre in Toronto, Ontario.  Kristin holds a Specialty Certification in Critical Care with honours and is a Certified Nurse in Critical Care through the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Vanessa has been nursing at a large centre in Toronto, Ontario dedicating the last 11 years on a General Surgery, Gastrointestinal and Plastics Ward.  For the past 6 years Vanessa has also been Clinical Instructor on her Ward for the University of Toronto, Faculty of Nursing.

               ARLENE GLEN


         Level II and III Neonatal Intensive                                  Care Nurse Expert

Arlene has been nursing for 23 years.  The last 21 years have been dedicated to caring for compromised and critically ill neonates as Arlene practices in both a level II and level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as staff Nurse, Resus Nurse and Team Lead.  Arlene received the Pauline McGibbon Award for Innovation and Excellence in Nursing in 2015 as well as the G.P. Turner Clinical Practice Award in 2005.

               WENDY EDWARDS 

            PHC-NP, BScN, MScN

Long Term Care Nurse        Practitioner Expert

Wendy has been nursing for 24 years. The last 10 years have been dedicated to her role as Nurse Practitioner with a focus in long term care within a Nurse Led Outreach Program. Wendy provides timely, same-day access to assessments, diagnoses and treatments for acute and episodic conditions and injuries in long term care home residents. She manages the exacerbation of chronic health conditions and provides follow up for increased monitoring. Wendy assists with transitions and communication across sectors (Long Term Care/Emergency Department/Hospital). collaborating with health professionals from various programs to ensure timely access to care for residents. She also supports the capacity building of registered nursing staff and intermittently takes on the preceptor and mentor role for nurse practitioner students and novice nurse practitioners.


               BSc, MSc, RD

 Critical Care Registered          Dietitian Expert

Kristen has been a Registered Dietician for the last 22 years.  She is a skilled manager, practice leader and critical care clinician with extensive experience in clinical project leadership and collaborative complex patient care at a major Ontario Hospital. Kristen manages detailed nutrition care plans for complex critically ill patients, providing frequent follow up for dynamic disease processes in a fast-paced Intensive Care Unit environment, implementing interprofessional best practice initiatives to place and care for feeding. Kristen leads clinical nutrition projects such as medical directive development & implementation, nutrition screening, standards of care to empower the Registered Dietitian group to ensure best nutrition practices.


                  BSW, MSW

                  Hospital Social Work Expert

                  MISTY REIS

      NP (Pediatrics), BScN, MN


                JUDY WALDMAN

        RN, MN, NP-PHC, SANE-P,                      SANE-A, RYT 

Pediatric Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery Expert

Pediatric/Neonatal Intensive Care

Critical Care Transport

Neurodevelopmental Outcomes

General Pediatrics

Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Forensics Nurse Expert

Psychotherapy Expert

Jessica is a registered practicing Social Worker within two major hospital corporations in the GTA. She is passionate about advocating for social justice, applying evidence-based practice knowledge that exceeds the standards of best practices and ensuring quality care for her clients. She is experienced in delivering various psychosocial interventions, integrating various treatment modalities, supporting community re-integration and facilitating discharge planning. Additionally, Jessica has over 14 years experience in an acute hospital setting in various roles including leadership and additional certifications in palliative care practices throughout the life span, cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy from the University of Toronto.

Misty has over 20+ years' experience exclusively in pediatrics and neonatology with a focus on critical care, cardiac sciences and long term neurodevelopmental outcomes of high risk infants. Paramount and embedded to Misty’s care delivery are the principles of family centred care which have been foundational to her research and publications. Working within these principles Misty has expanded care delivery by collaboratively initiating NP managed home programs including IV inotropes, IV antibiotics, pre and post-operative NG feeds, post-surgical wound care and persistent chest tube output for pediatric cardiac patients.  Misty also has extensive experience and passion in the area of audit of hospital care and outcomes which includes 7 years at the Neonatal and Infant Follow up Clinic/Western Canadian Complex Pediatric Therapies Registry, clinical lead for the Western Canadian Children’s Heart Network surgical outcomes audit (Vancouver site) and RSV data analysis of the cardiac cohort.  Education and standards for entry to NP practice is another branch of experience Misty brings with her and she is a current member of the Nurse Practitioner Examination Committee (NPEC), pediatric representative at the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP).

Judy is a Primary Health Care Registered Nurse Practitioner with twenty five years experience in the mental health field, twelve years experience in child maltreatment. Judy is involved with the Centre for Mindfulness Studies University of Toronto and has her Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Certification for the Paediatric and Adult.  She belongs to the International Association of Forensic Nurses and has her Clinical Traumatologist Certificate from the Traumatology Institute of Canada.


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